The following awareness events occur in January. Learn about our borough’s communities that are relevant to these events, by accessing data and information available from the Reading Borough Observatory.

January 2024: Dry January – This is an annual campaign that encourages people to go free from alcohol for a month. The Berkshire West Drug and Alcohol Needs Assessment 2022, available on the Needs Assessments and Further Resources page, describes how our population is affected by problematic alcohol consumption.

15 January 2024: “Blue Monday” – The third Monday in January is dubbed by some as the “most depressing” day of the year. Reading Borough’s Mental Health Needs Assessment 2022 looks at the mental health indicators and needs among our local population. Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy into Action document outlines what we are doing to tackle social isolation and loneliness in the borough. Both documents are available on the Needs Assessments and Further Resources page.

17 to 23 January 2024: Energy Saving Week – This is a national campaign that aims to help everyone save energy, cut down bills, and access entitled financial support. The Environment report provides the latest figures on how central heating is provided in homes in the borough, and this data is also available in ward profiles. The Place Summary contains an outline of energy use in the borough.